Suju Quotes

02 Feb

Berikut ini beberapa Suju Quotes yg author sunting dari twitter @EverLastingFans:

1. Eunhyuk: You keep taking everything away from me! Donghae: I never took myself away from you~

2. MC: Why did you chose this song? (F.I.Rs “Our Love”) RW: (points to the group) Our love, (points to the audience) Our Love.

3. EH: There isn’t any area where i am not perfect. I feel that I’m the world’s most handsome person.

4. KH to SISTAR: they’re my favourite junior. EH: Stop lying!

5. HC: Eunhyuk punched a mirror and why did he do that? I wonder…

6. LT: However if we would be seperating in many professional ways, i will just think one word for that situation: “unpleasant”

7. Sungmin: The time that i spent with you guys, as a SJ member, is the best for me.

8. EH to SJ: I would be really sad if we each other have to go to different ways

9. KH: I’m the real dancing machine

10. EH: There isn’t any area where i am not perfect. I feel that I’m the world’s most handsome person.

11. KH: I can drink about 2-3 bottles of soju RW: Even if he’s drunk, his mind is still straight

12. KH: I haven’t eaten anything. All: It doesn’t matter.

13. KH: One of my talent is not to listen to others.

14. HC: I cooked once before and i almost ruined the kitchen

15. LT: Donghae has his own charm. He gives you a comfortable feeling that you can’t dislike. That’s why everyone loves him.

16. DH to YS: we can’t be without his presence. His presence got too big. I’m always thankful, he’s gotten a bit old.

17. SM & RW: Yesung is weird these days YS: They won’t play with me cause they said i’m old

18. LT: “What we meant by ‘No other’ is that there’s no other person like our fans”

Mianhe kalau agak gajebo….

Habis menurut author kata2ne bagus-bagus se….

Apalagi kata-kata di no. 18 yang di katakan oleh Eeteuk Oppa… so sweet,,,,


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