Happy Birthday Evil Magnae , Cho Kyuhyun!!!!!

03 Feb

Annyong, E.LF……

Dalam rangka menyambut ulang tahun member termuda (sekaligus member kesayangan author ^_^) di super junior, Cho Kyuhyun, author akan menyajikan beberapa fakta yang berkaitan dengan Kyuhyun.

KH Facts (credit: @EverLastingFans):

1. Once in a press conference, Kyu borrowed a fan’s Nintendo DS and started to play with it without minding the conference anymore.

2. Kyuhyun has been singing for his church since he was a little kid.


3. Once, Kyuhyun injured his leg (not much) while practicing.


4. Kyuhyun been playing computer game eversince 3rd year of primary school.


5. Kyuhyun shio is rabbit (February 3, 1988).


6. Kyuhyun wears glasses or contact lens because he suffered myopi.

7. Kyuhyun has a scar below his stomach.


8. Kyuhyun hate vegetables. So he drinks chlorophyll to replace it.


9. Kyuhyun once sang along when Agnes Monica (Indonesian singer) sing Heal the World.


10. Kyuhyun’s Chinese has improved tremendously since Zhou Mi had switched his keyboard’s IME setting.


11. Kyuhyun was added to Super Junior to boost the strength of vocal.


12. Kyuhyun sang “Hope is a Dream that Doesn’t Sleep” for the drama Baker Kim Tak Goo.


13. Kyuhyun sang “Love Again” in the SM the Ballad Debut Album.


14. Kyuhyun is not so good in drawing.


15. Among Suju M members, Kyu’s the worst in writing “Pinyin” (Chinese).


16. Kyuhyun never called Kibum and Ryeowook hyungs. He thinks that there’s 10 hyungs and 2 chingus in the house.


17. Kyuhyun would sometimes sings “Shake it Up” in the car because it’s his favorite song from 4th album.


18. Kyuhyun female partner in game is SNSD Sunny.


19. Kyuhyun said before that if he ever found a girlfriend, he would stop playing computer games.


20. Kyuhyun handphone are Samsung Galaxy S and Blue LG Lollipop.


21. On the 3rd of June 2010 Kyuhyun did a surgery for Otitis Media (Inflammation of the middle ear).


22. Kyuhyun was discharge from the hospital June 5, 2010 after his successful ear surgery.


23. Professor Wang Yonglok was the one who gave another way of operation so Kyuhyun could sing again after the 2007 accident.


24. “Kyuhyun most hard working in exercising” –SJ’s trainer.


25. Kyuhyun’s solo song “Listen to You”, garnered a lot of attention and reached #1 on the real time chart.


26. “When someone called me, ‘SUNGMIN!’ I’ll answer them.” – Kyuhyun.


27. “When the 13 different personalities combine together, the most beautiful harmony glows” –Kyuhyun.


28. Kyuhyun to all Hyungs: “You’re mine, don’t give your heart to anyone else.”


29. Hangeng replaced Kyuhyun for the flower boy basketball on the SJ Movie due Kyuhyun got into an accident.


30. Kyuhyun joined SM when he was 19 years old (Korean age).


31. Once Kyuhyun apologized to his sister for being busy and not taking time to talk to her when she calls him.


32. Kyuhyun to Donghae: “No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart.”


1. Kyuhyun hate vegetables. So he drinks chlorophyll to replace it.

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